Playing with my boys

Playing with my boys
They keep life interesting :-)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

That happened fast...

It occurred to me today that I no longer have a baby gate at the bottom of our staircase.

The baby bottles have been in the basement almost a year now.

Liam doesn't eat meals in his highchair.  In fact, the only reason it still sits in our kitchen is to use for his time-outs!

I don't carry a diaper bag when we go out.  I toss a couple diapers and a bag of wipes in my bag, its big enough.  I don't need a changing pad, changes of clothes (usually), bibs, burpies, bottles, toys, etc.

I don't carry a spare binky around with me anymore.  Liam only uses it in his crib.

My children can go play in the backyard, hardly supervised, while I'm making dinner.

The infant car seat, bases, and snap and go have been in the basement collecting dust for some time now.

The baby bath tub has been in the basement since Liam was old enough to sit in the tub with Aidan and drowning was no longer a constant fear.

The stroller is an optional accessory most outings.

I don't puree foods anymore.  The kids eat grapes WHOLE.  Cereal is served with milk, at least for Aidan.

Apple picking the other day, Liam could eat an apple whole - skin on and all.

Babies are a lot of work.  Everything you do is that much harder, and takes that much longer.  Its undeniable.

But another thing that's undeniable?  They grow up REALLY FAST!  I don't have babies anymore...I have toddlers.  And while life certainly isn't easy with two little boys to chase, its remarkable how much less complicated everything is once they've grown beyond that baby phase.

Toddlers bring their own sort of trouble ;-)


  1. Hello! Why did I not know you had a blog! Love the title!! Seems to me you 'carpe' pretty darn well. And your toddlers still have plenty of squeezable, squishy, kissable-ness! And dimples to die for. It does keep moving right along...but it seems to me you're strapped in for the ride and soaking it all in. Happy Fall!! {may these 90 degrees quickly disappear...}

  2. Thanks, Adrienne! Hopefully all the storms forecasted over the next couple days will bring Fall weather to stay :-)

  3. Yup- the diaper bag is {{this}} close to being sold.