Playing with my boys

Playing with my boys
They keep life interesting :-)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Nemo Party!

Back in November, for Liam's 1st birthday, I threw a Nemo themed party.  I have been meaning to write about it but just kept forgetting.  So, NOW, I write :-)

I had SO much fun with this theme!

The combination of turquoise and orange just made me happy.  I love those colors together, and they looked fantastic all over my table.

I saw those turquoise pails holding orange plastic utensils on Pinterest, and my theme took off from there.  I was so excited to find those pails in the dollar bins at Target!  I was really proud of my homemade chocolates too - orange goldfish, turquoise seashells, and dark chocolate lobsters...yum!

These chocolate, graham cracker crumb, goldfish covered marshmallows I made were a BIG hit! The general consensus was that the combination of all those flavors together tasted like the inside of an Oreo. Delicious!  Thanks Pinterest for the inspiration for these.

The orange swirly lollipops came from Oriental Trading, and the goldfish bowls are from
Dollar Tree...I love a good bargain!

The favors were mini orange metal pails filled with Easter grass, sea life gummies, bubbles, a fishy finger puppet, and a lollipop - also all from Oriental Trading. 
I was SO pleased with how these came out!

And of course no party would be complete without a cute cake! This masterpiece is from
Veronica's Sweetcakes (in Marshfield) - not a bargain, but totally worth it ;-)


It was a VERY happy birthday for my little Liam bug!

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