Playing with my boys

Playing with my boys
They keep life interesting :-)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Peanut Butter Kick

I'll admit, I have a slight obsession for all things peanut butter.  Most mornings, in the rush of getting the kids fed, cleaned, and out the door on our way wherever, I don't have time or the desire to make myself a proper breakfast, so I have a cup of coffee and a spoonful of peanut butter.  A spoonful of pb keeps me satisfied far longer than a bagel or a bowl of cereal does...its perfect!

So, you get the point.  I love peanut butter.  The other day while Liam napped, Aidan and I made a Father's Day cake for AJ.  I had a gold butter cake mix and one jar of store bought chocolate frosting.   I wanted to make it a little more interesting though.  I put a half cup of peanut butter and a half cup of confectioners sugar in a bowl and blended it together using my hand mixer.  Then I blended in the jar of chocolate frosting.  It didn't seem right yet, so I added a heaping spoonful of Fluff!  Now, it was good. 

I had baked two round cakes and, once cooled, put my chocolatey peanut butter concoction in between the 2 layers.  The hubs stopped at the store on the way home to pick up more chocolate frosting so I could cover the top and sides of this masterpiece.   Once frosted, I had to add chopped Reese's cups to the top.

This cake was a big hit in my family!   I served it after Fayher's Day brunch and my brothers and even my diabetic father loved it!*  They all said it tasted just like a Funnybone...which apparently they all love and I didn't realize just how much!

*I don't know whether I should be so proud of my finished product that it made a hardcore diabetic crossover to the dark-sugary side, or if I should be ashamed for allowing my dad to fall off the no/low sugar wagon.  I asked him several times if he was sure he really wanted a piece...he even admitted that he'd be hurting later, but he just had to try it!

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